New position

As of this month, I am no longer a postdoc, but an assistant professor (maître de conférences) at Université Paris Dauphine.

My new contact details are:

Robin Ryder
Bureau C608
CEREMADE − Université Paris Dauphine
Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
75116 Paris
Phone: (+33) 1 44 05 46 71

My e-mail is unchanged.

Funding available for doctoral programme in Oxford

Studentships are still available for the 4-year Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre in Oxford, which I went through starting in 2005. This is a very strong programme dedicated to students with a degree in physical or mathematical sciences who want to get involved in applications to the Life Sciences. It’s a great opportunity to meet edge-cutting researchers and to have a better grasp of various application fields before starting a DPhil.

Studentships are available for UK and EU students and the application deadline is 4 June.

CNRS interview

My (short) CNRS interview was just held. Unsurprisingly, given the number of candidates, there was trouble having it on time, but the jury was very friendly.

I had trained myself to present my work and my research project in 120 seconds, which is a challenge. Thankfully, the members of this jury seemed to be statisticians, so I didn’t need to spend time to explain what MCMC is, for example.

The 5 minutes of questions did not leave time to discuss my research project a lot. I was asked what I was most proud of, a question on my PhD and which lab I would like to work in, and that was it. It must be very frustrating for the jury, who needs to make a decision without having time to look at the details of each candidate’s work (I assume they make a shortlist and look a bit more at the work of a small number of candidates).

I have no idea whatsoever on how well or badly the interview went, nor on how important it is. I heard that a few years ago, the Mathematics section of the CNRS only held interviews because they were legally obliged to, and that the interview lasted only a few seconds: the time to sign a sheet of paper. Hopefully, the interviews have at least some weight nowadays.

The results should be (at least unofficially) available in a few days.

CNRS: short interview!

I got news yesterday that I passed the first stage of the CNRS hiring process (admissibilité), which was definitely the easy part!

I was surprised by the description of the forthcoming interview: it will only last 7 minutes, including a 2 minute presentation of my research project! I guess this is simply a consequence of the large number of candidates, but I wonder how much the jury can take out of such a short interview. In a way, this makes it less stressful for me: I suppose the interview only has a small influence on the final decision.