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Accepted: Wang-Landau Flat Histogram


Excellent news to start the week-end: our paper with Pierre Jacob The Wang-Landau Algorithm Reaches the Flat Histogram in Finite Time has been accepted for publication in Annals of Applied Probability.

For details, see this blog post or read the paper on arXiv.


Contigency exigency


The SIGecom Exchanges, an engineering and economics journal on e-commerce, run a puzzle in each issue, written by Daniel Reeves (more on Dan’s awesomeness soon). The December 2011 puzzle asked to find a scheme to pay a lawyer when there is uncertainty in the fruits of their labour, while still taking into account the amount of labour (see here for the complete puzzle).

After 6 months without a solution, Dan offered a bounty for this puzzle, where the award would be a realization of a uniform draw between 0 and 500 dollars (realization given by geohashing). After some extra nerdery to choose the winner of the bounty between Arthur Breitman and myself, I ended up winning $65.14, and my solution appears in the latest issue of the SIGecom Exchanges.

This was great fun; other journals should pick up the idea!