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Copyfraud at the CNRS


A CNRS unit, the Institut de l’information scientifique et technique (INIST), is performing blatant copyright misuse of academic articles.

Here is the short version of the problem as I understand it: INIST suscribes to many journals so that CNRS scientists may easily access papers, which is of course perfectly reasonable. However, INIST then uses the fact that it has access to these papers to sell them to non-CNRS readers. This seems to be done without authorisation or remuneration of the original journals and authors. Even papers which are open-access are sold for prices between 15€ and 60€ apiece, and there is no link to the free version on the journal’s website.

INIST has appealed a judgement declaring this illegal.

We are used to copyfraud in general, and to restrictions to open access in particular. But that a government unit is involved is particularly scandalous.

Much more detail is given on the blog “Droits d’auteur” (post 1, post 2) in French. There is also an online petition.