Savage award honourable mention!

The results for the 2010 Savage award, bestowed by the International Society for Bayesian Analysis for PhD theses in Bayesian statistics, just came in. I am very pleased and honoured to have won the honourable mention in the Applied Methodology category! I shall be presenting the work (Phylogenetic Models of Language Diversification) at JSM in Miami in August.

I am very grateful to the award committee, and am as always thankful for the fantastic supervision I received from Geoff Nicholls.

This is a good year for French statistics, since Julien Cornebise won the award in the Theory category! Congratulations to the other winners, Ricardo Lemos and Daniel Williamson.



2 Responses to “Savage award honourable mention!”

  1. Julien Says:

    Thank you very much Robin! Congratulations to you too, this is awesome.

  2. Julyan Arbel Says:

    Hey hey, congrats to both of you guys! Sonia Petrone told me about your work and was really impressed.

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