Easter eggs

In a comment to his post on Algerians’ disinterest for sex during the Ramadan, Arthur Charpentier shows a graph supporting the claim that around Easter, the French care more and more about eggs and less about Easter itself:

Google Trends : Pâques, oeuf

Assuming Google Trends can be trusted so far back in time, the true story is actually different: the French don’t care less about Easter, they just care less about spelling. If you remove the circumflex from Pâques and search for Paques instead, you will see that the interest in Easter remains roughly constant.

Google Trends: Paques, Oeuf, Pâques

(Note that the correct spelling of oeuf is actually œuf with a ligature, but that is not easily accessible on a French keyboard, nor is it supported by Google Trends.)

The same thing happens at Christmas. It might seem that the French prefer presents to Christmas (Noël vs cadeau)

Google Trends: Noël, cadeau

but they simply ignore the umlaut more and more:

Google Trends: Noël, cadeau, Noel



One Response to “Easter eggs”

  1. Arthur Says:

    thanks a lot for that intesting note, showing that French are now used to search on google without ë, ê, à or é, and for the comment on christmas and present…. one should try it in English too…

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