“Mathematics on a shelf”

A nice new mathematical puzzles competition (in French) is open until 16 May: “Mathematics on a shelf“, a collection of 19 puzzles. Many are quite classical and all can be solved by high school students. The hardest is probably the 11th: create a puzzle, the solution of which must be 2718. The most elegant puzzle wins.

The most obvious property of 2718 is that it is the floor of 1000 \times e, but that doesn’t make an elegant puzzle yet!


2 Responses to ““Mathematics on a shelf””

  1. Pandigital approximation to e « Robin Ryder's blog Says:

    […] spent some time this week-end trying to find a mathematical puzzle whose solution is 2718, for the “Mathematics on a shelf” competition, and the first trail was to look into properties of Euler’s number . The following result is […]

  2. fractalkhaosstrikesonceagain Says:

    Can you give us further explanations please ?

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